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Balloon FAQS

Do you deliver balloons?

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Yes we do. Delivery is only available if you are located in our balloon delivery areas. Prices vary depending on your location, the day of the week & time required. Please contact us with the suburb, function date & start time and access times to your venue, for an accurate quote and availability. 

Can you deliver our balloons with our party hire?

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Yes, most definitely. The advantage of shopping with us is that you can have everything delivered together.  We are your “One Stop Shop”

How to transport balloons

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Always place the balloons in the back seat of your car. We do not recommend placing the balloons in the passenger seat as this can interfere with your driving. If you are driving a sedan, we also don't recommend placing the balloons in the trunk as the heat from the trunk may cause them to burst.

How long will my balloons stay afloat?

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We will always ask what day/ time your function starts and how long you’d like the balloons to last. This allows us to recommend a suitable design.

Our standard 28cm latex balloons float for approximately 12- 15 hours. We can also add a treatment to these to extend their life to approximately 2-3 days. Our foil and bubble balloons can float for 2-3 weeks and foils can be refilled.

Weather and temperature are also an important factor. Balloons are adversely affected by heat, wind and sun, so keep them in a cool, dark place until needed. Whether the balloon is indoors or outdoors will also impact the time the balloon stays afloat. 

What quality are your balloons?

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As industry professionals we only use the highest quality balloon products in the world (Qualatex & Anagram).

We believe it’s important that our balloons last the full life of your party, look amazing and do what they are supposed to do. Their colours are 100% consistent through all batches.

What are balloons made from?

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Our latex balloons are made from the highest quality 100% latex. For more information about the biodegradability of our balloons please visit
Our foil balloons are made from mylar.

Sadly, in Australia there are many cheaper products available however they don’t stay consistent colours and shape and they don’t last. To us, it’s not worth the risk.

Balloon Care

Balloon Float Times

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We love our balloons and hope you do too! 
The Australian sun is something special and balloons aren't particularly fond of it's rays. When the weather heats up, special care must be made to protect your balloon. 

A bit of Science:

As helium molecules heat they start moving and expanding, this movement puts pressure on a latex balloon and can cause it to expand and pop. On a hot day this movement will also speed up the float time of your balloon and significantly reduce it from 8-12hrs to 3-4hrs (for standard size balloons).

Balloon Float Times:

On average, our balloons float for the following amount of time. We do not guarantee this as a number of factors can reduce this number.  

Standard Size 28cm: 8-12hrs46cm: up to 24hrs60cm: up to 48hrs 90cm: up to 3 daysMylar/Foils: 3-5 days and up to 2 weeks

Adding hi-float to your balloons can increase float time by up to 2 to 3x.

We recommend picking up/inflating your balloons as close your event date & time as possible.

Balloons and Cars

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It is very important to get your balloons home or to your event as soon as possible. Balloons can pop when exposed to hot metal objects such as awnings, the outside of the car or seatbelt parts. We recommend turning on air conditioning to allow for the temperature of the car to come down before placing balloons into the car. Do not leave car unattended while it’s turned on. If air conditioning is not available, you may want to open your doors and allow the car to ‘air out’ for a few minutes. Traveling with your windows “partially” down so there is a cross breeze can be helpful. Balloons may escape if the window/s are opened too far. NOTE: Helium expands in the heat. Warm or hot temperatures can bring balloons down faster than their proper float time and may result in popping.


Other Important Factors

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Balloons and the Wind
Wind is another weather factor to look out for. Make sure your balloon is secured in your hands (we even suggest hugging those jumbo balloons) as they are being placed in a car. Yanking a balloon into the car in the opposite direction of the wind can cause your balloon to pop or tear due to the force. If you are concerned we are happy to carry the balloon to the car for you.

What to Look for with Ceilings 
It is very rare to find an actual flat ceiling. Certain materials (such as stucco, sound board, rough ceiling, cedar, sprinkler nozzles halogen lighting, etc.) may cause balloons to pop. Regular light bulbs may not pop balloons. If you are not sure if your balloons will pop on your ceiling, get a sample balloon and let it go to the ceiling several times in several spots. This will help alleviate wasted time and money guessing if the effect will work.

Bagged Balloons
Bags should be used for transport only and balloons should be in the bag for no longer than an hour or so. Extended periods of time in bags can reduce the balloon float time. 

Mylar Balloons 
It is possible to re-use most foil balloons but we cannot guarantee that it will work every time as they are fairly delicate but it is worth a try. Expel the air from your balloon by inserting a long straw quite a distance into the self sealing valve, the air will then start to come out and you can flatten and fold your balloon.

Latex Balloons 
As latex balloons are biodegradable, it is normal that they (all colors and clear) oxidize and become cloudy over time as they degrade. Heat, sun and high humidity can accelerate this process. Latex balloons are not reusable. We prohibit the release of balloons into the air. Please recycle.

Floating Time 
Typically a standard 11” latex balloon will last 10-12 hours depending on heat and humidity. Treated with “Hi Float*” these balloons will last 2-3 days.  Exposure to warm temperatures can reduce the float time. Foil balloons generally last a week and sometimes more. Unlike latex balloons, mylar balloons hate the cold. If you have a mylar in air conditioning or a cold place, for a period of time, it WILL slowly deflate on you. 

* Hi-Float is safe, nontoxic, water soluble and biodegradable used to extend the float time of latex balloons. 

Avoid Sunlight
Heat and sunlight act like kryptonite to balloons. Storing your balloons in a cool place can do wonders for making them last much longer than they would otherwise. For foil balloons, try to maintain a consistent temperature so they won’t be shocked and damaged by the fluctuations.

Heat Sensitivity 
If you are throwing an all-day outdoor party or weekend event, you will want to take extra precautions to preserve your balloons. Helium molecules expand when exposed to heat, and this continual increase of heat and pressure from the molecules moving about may lead to noisy and disruptive balloon popping. You may be tempted to throw some water on them to cool them off, but that can actually cause them to stick together and pop as well. Instead, stick with light coloured balloons since they won’t heat up as fast as their dark counterparts would. Also, bring them indoors at the end of the day so they are not left out all night. As the temperature drops, the balloons will shrink and when they become enlarged the next morning it may lead to popping.

Pet Precautions
If you live with pets, store your balloons in a room that they cannot access. When your puppy pals and feline friends are left to their own devices, they will have a ball playing with the strings and potentially puncturing the balloon itself. Keep balloons away to help you furry friends’ safety too, since they could get caught in the strings or ingest the popped balloon. Same for young children: Keep them away from balloons and strings too.

Inflating Balloons Purchased Somewhere Else
We do not guarantee balloons not purchased from us and if they are defective or burst during or after inflation, you will still be charged the full amount for inflating that balloon. We can not speak to the quality of balloons purchased from outside suppliers and can not speculate as to how long they will float.  We refuse the right to refuse this service. 

If Nothing Else
Do not breathe helium from a balloon. Helium is not toxic, nor flammable, but breathing it can result in asphyxiation (loss of consciousness due to insufficient oxygen). Do not release foil balloons outdoors. Power failures can result if these balloons become entangled in electric lines. Popped latex balloons present a choking hazard for small children. Do not leave small children unaccompanied with balloons.


Balloon Safety

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DO NOT INHALE/SUCK HELIUM! IT CAN CAUSE DEATH!!  The gas used to float balloons is called “Helium”. Helium itself is non-toxic and non-flammable and therefore quite harmless.  However, helium should not be inhaled.  The party trick of inhaling a balloon full of helium to change your voice is dangerous and must be discouraged at all times.  When you inhale/suck on a balloon with helium it displaces a persons supply of oxygen in the blood stream and may cause dizziness, unconsciousness and possibly death especially if you are asthmatic.

DO NOT release foil balloons outdoors as they are constructed of electricity conductive material (foil) which can become entangled in electric lines causing power outages and damage.

DISCARD broken, uninflated balloons as they can be a choking hazard to children.

If you have any further questions, please email us. 

Hire Policy

Terms of Hire

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The ‘Hire Company’ is The CELEBRATION CORNER

The ‘Client’ refers to any individual, firm, or corporation hiring equipment or appoints services from the ‘Hire Company’.

The ‘Equipment’ refers to all Prop Hire supplied to the ‘Client’.The ‘Event date’ is the day of the event supplied by the client to the hire company.


The hiring of equipment is done on a first to book basis. To secure the equipment for your booking the deposit needs to be paid by the due date given and an original term and conditions to be signed and returned to the Hire Company. Should both these not be done by the due date the Hire Company has the right to hire any equipment to another client. Hiring of the equipment will begin from the commencement date specified by the hire company and shall be collected or returned to the hire company by the date specified by the hire company. Any extension of the period needs to be agreed to by the hire company and may incur additional fees.


A 50% deposit (50% of the total booking amount including GST, delivery fee and setup fee) is required at the time of the booking. Final payment of the remaining 50% of the total booking cost shall be paid 14 days prior to the event date. All payments must be made by the direct deposit into the hire company’s bank account and by the due date specified. Please note that should the final payment not be made 14 days prior to the event date the hire company reserves the right to no longer supply any equipment for the event. No deposit will be returned should this occur.


The Client may cancel an order at anytime though please note that cancelations fee will occur should the client cancel the booking within 30 days of the event date. No cancellation by the client is valid unless is has been acknowledged in writing by the hire company.

Bookings cancelled within 14 days of the event date will be charged 100% of the total booking cost. Bookings cancelled between 30 and 60 days will be charged 20% of the total booking cost.

Cancellations of bookings/events due to weather shall still be subject to the cancellation policy above. The hire company is in no way responsible for intemperate weather that may cause the client to cancel their booking.


The hire company reserves the right to request a security bond to cover any equipment. The bond and amount will be determined by individual booking requirements. Any damaged, missing, very unclean items will be charged at full replacement cost and/or cleaning cost will then be deducted from the bond amount.


Upon delivery of the equipment and until the return of the equipment to the hire company’s premises the client has full responsibility of all equipment hired. The client will pay full replacement cost of any equipment badly damaged, lost or stolen. The client will pay any repairing costs to damaged equipment. Any damaged equipment will be decided by the hire company if it can be repaired or require replacement. Burns, holes, tears, water damage or other similar damage to equipment shall be replaced at full cost to the client.

Any equipment returned unclean by the client to the hire company, the client shall pay the hire company the full cost of returning the equipment to a clean condition.

The client shall protect the equipment from the elements during the time of hire. In poor weather conditions storage of the equipment may be necessary and is the responsibility of the client to see that the equipment is stored safely. Any equipment damaged from weather is the full responsibility of the client and shall be paid at full replacement cost to the hire company.

The hire company’s equipment shall be delivered to the client in a clean and well maintained condition. It is the client’s responsibility to notify the hire company should the equipment not be in a satisfactory condition within 6 hours of receiving the equipment. Otherwise any damage or uncleanliness of equipment shall be deemed the client’s accountability.


Fees will be charged to the client for any installation of equipment, delivery and collection. This fee will vary depending upon distance travelled from the hire company’s premises, amount of equipment hired, amount of setup required and installation time. The client will be advised of the fee once all equipment has been decided upon. This fee may be subject to change should the client then change the amount of equipment hired or amount to be setup. Unless a setup fee has been charged and agreed upon by the hire company the hire company in not responsible for the setup of equipment.


The hire company shall in no way be held responsible or accountable for any injury, death or loss of income caused to the client, any third parties or properties due to the hire of equipment or provided services by the hire company.

Delivery Information

Delivery of Balloons

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Delivery Charge is calculated based on location. Once your cart total is over the minimum spend for your zone the delivery options and prices will be available to select.

We offer delivery 7 days a week, between 11am and 5pm - should you require delivery outside these times please contact us first and we will be more than able to accommodate your request. If your suburb is not listed, or your postcode isn’t listed, please email us first to confirm a delivery price.

All balloons are delivered helium inflated and ready to go.  Our service is prompt, our drivers are happy to help in any way possible. 

- Once your order is placed we will confirm a delivery window if required.

- A minimum 3-5 hour delivery window is required. However where possible we will endeavour to work with you to meet your delivery requirements. If your delivery needs to be upgraded to a VIP service or a smaller delivery window, we will contact you and send you an Invoice for any additional costs

- If Delivery cannot be accepted in the set delivery windows it is best to contact us prior to placing your order.

 - Delivery will be prior to the start time of your event, 8 hours prior to the event will be the earliest we deliver. A 30cm Latex Helium Balloon has a float time of up to 14 hours, within 8 hours is best

- On Peak Delivery Days on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, We require a 3-5 hour delivery window to enable us to service all customers. You will be advised once your order is confirmed.

- In some cases we maybe required to contact a venue to discuss any delivery requirements or instructions such as parking or times.

Refund & Return Policy

Refund & Return Policy

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Once product sold, it is NOT exchangeable, returnable or refundable.

The Celebration Corner ensures the highest quality of care is taken in the delivery of the order to the customer’s requested address. It is recommended that the customer is available to accept delivery of the order. The Celebration Corner will not take responsibility for any damage or deflation of the product once delivery has taken place.

Colours may differ slightly to images seen on our website due to monitor colour settings & lighting of the photography. 

The Celebration Corner will not provide a refund to customers who have simply changed their minds.

No exchange or modification of sticker wordings, designs, colour, and etc. once the options were chosen by customers themselves after the order is received and confirmed. No refunds or exchanges will be given for products that have been used or damaged when it has already received and accepted by the recipient. Special offer products or discounted products are not exchangeable / returnable / refundable. If an item was sold as a set, individual elements of that set cannot be exchanged / returned / refunded. We would encourage all recipients to check upon receiving the product during the delivery at the doorstep by the courier service provider. Recipients have the rights not to accept the product if it is found damaged or incorrect during the arrival. As we do not provide exchanges / returns / refunds, think twice before you purchase our products. Please take note that understanding the products before you purchase is your responsibility and at your own concern.

Please contact us at

Cancellation of Orders

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To cancel an order that has been placed with The Celebration Corner the following applies;

- Cancellation 14 days prior to delivery date: Full refund

- Cancellation 7 days prior to delivery date: 80% refund

- Cancellation 24-48hrs prior to delivery date: Cannot be refunded or exchanged

If the order has already been processed and the balloons are made, the order cannot be cancelled or refunded

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